How I Help

I’m all about writing it right. Whether you have me start from scratch, conducting research and interviewing experts for information, or you hand me a nearly finished piece to proofread for grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation errors, I’ll be your partner, ensuring your document is the best it can be: clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent.

My experience includes writing articles about a wide range of topics, from very technical, electronic design projects to cat care, and conducting the research and interviews for them, as well.

I’ve taken finished pieces that I knew were coming from the wrong angle or were missing the central point and totally reworked them to be more focused and with the right messages for the target reader.

And I’ve meticulously combed finished documents for grammar, syntax, punctuation and spelling errors, consistency in terminology and structure, and factual accuracy. For example, I took “One Goal II: the Inside Story of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks” when it was nearly complete, and found numerous items that needed to be addressed, including grammar and spelling errors, noun/pronoun disagreements, missing words, an incorrect time zone (standard time was used when it should have been daylight saving time) and more. I also reorganized some content to make it flow better, rewrote some text to make it more accurate, and made suggestions to fix copy layout inconsistencies and issues.

Whatever your writing project, from business articles to white papers, put them in my hands and I’ll ensure they’re on-message, focused and free of embarrassing errors.

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